Arabian Gulf Constriction Co., Ltd., has adopted a Health, Safety and Environmental Control System that has been assessed to comply with the OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Safety Standard.

Arabian Gulf Construction Co., Ltd., recognizes its activities related to the design, construction and commissioning of project by providing a potential risk to personnel working conditions, visitors to the project, local community and the environment.

AGC believes that accidents, incidents, injuries and illnesses are preventable and adopt a “Zero Accident” philosophy on this project. This philosophy will be promoted by Arabian Gulf Construction Co. Ltd., Management Team and communicated to all project and employees, sub-contractors and visitors to the project by the following:

  • Implementation of pre-job briefings to reduce risk on the project
  • Effective communication throughout the project at all levels
  • Encouraging the reporting of all incidents including near misses through the promotion of a no blame culture
  • Elimination of unsafe work practices and conditions by implementing of a Behavior Observations Process

We will endeavor to minimize & where possible eliminate these risks by undertaking appropriate planning, hazard & risk assessments & through the use of an effective Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

Company Health, Safety and Environment Vision is:

  • Safety is every one’s responsibility
  • Following procedures achieves safety goals
  • Create Interest in Safety
  • Create safe working condition
  • Good housekeeping prevents accident
  • Health and well being at home and at work
  • Complete the works incident and injury free
  • Continuously improve Safety Awareness
  • Safety is a value